Our shows feature smart, eloquent every day women sharing openly and honestly about sex. We relay stories, discuss about behaviors, and offer advice. Our audience gains insight and discovers that their experience is not so unusual – that it’s natural and workable. They learn how other women deal with similar difficulties -- both behavioral and psychological -- and they become better acquainted with the range of sexual responses.


Intimate relations become more normalize through honest discussion like that found on Cherry TV. Sex becomes less of an exalted practice and more of a real-life exercise -- one often imperfectly executed. When it’s not so serious, and less is at stake, it’s easier for viewers to manage, overcome and accept difficulties encountered ... and to relax and enjoy the ride!!



Many of us struggle with feelings of sexual inadequacy, lack of fulfillment  and/or discomfort with intimacy. We feel embarrassed, isolated and alone in our struggle with these issues.


Cherry TV was started back in the early dotcom days as Cherrybomb when a group of us women began brainstorming about a female oriented relationship internet channel. We agreed there wasn't much available on- or offline to help those of us who believed we weren't good in bed and were incapable of orgasm – and we wanted to fill that gap.


While brainstorming, we shared our own experiences and found that discussing our sexual past/problems/ideas was incredibly  therapeutic. We learned that our issues were common, and somewhat easily managed. We discovered that not everyone was having great sex and that many struggle the way we do. Eureka!


Cherrybomb -- women talking about sex for other women -- was launched and became Cherry TV in 2008.

Our goal is to help women feel

more sexually confident and empowered.

We offer women relevant information and real life solutions for feeling safe and confident in intimate settings.


CherryTV -- Helping women become more confident, comfortable and fulfilled in bed.  


Select images courtesy of The Noun Project. Thank you Irene Trautluft  for"Talking" and Takao Umehara  for "Speak."